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Tests & Storage




Even though we benefit from an exceptional environment, and though all possible measures are taken to ensure the quality of the potatoes, post-harvest tests are performed by a Canadian Food Inspection Agency accredited laboratory on a statistically representative sample.


The potatoes are tested for various diseases such as:

* Mosaic disease: PVX, PVY

* Leaf-roll disease: PLRV

* Bacterial ring rot: BRR

Additional tests are performed, but not on a systematic basis (PVS, PVA, PMTV, etc.). All these tests demonstrate the excellent phytosanitary quality of our potatoes, even those of the Elite II generation.


Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Control

Canadian Food Inspection Agency inspectors inspect the facilities (growth chambers and greenhouses) and the fields several times per year in compliance with the Canadian Seeds Act. CFIA inspectors also inspect the potatoes before they are shipped.




In order to flexibly manage a large number of varieties and generations, boxes are the sole containers used for storage. In addition, all possible measures are taken to limit injuries to the potatoes between harvest and shipping.

The warehouses are equipped with the latest computerized control systems to ensure that optimal storage conditions are maintained.


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