Français - Semences Élite


Located on the Manicouagan peninsula in northeastern Quebec, Les Semences Élite du Québec (SEQ) benefits from an ideal environment for producing quality seed potatoes. The long harsh winters and moderate summer temperatures limit the presence of diseases and guarantee vigorous seed potatoes that provide excellent yields for users.

In addition, the SEQ is located in a very isolated area. There is only one other potato producer, a client of ours, nearby. The other potato-producing areas are located either more than 300 km away or across the St. Lawrence River, which is 65 km wide at this point. Furthermore, Les Semences Élite du Québec owns nearly 2000 hectares of land. A large portion of this area is bog (peat or otherwise) or forest that provides a physical barrier.



The fields are more than 5 km from the road and only accessible by a private road.

The 200 hectares under cultivation are located in the centre of this vast area.

The fields are small in size and grouped into small sections separated by forested areas.

The soils vary, which allows us to plant each variety in the type of soil best suited to it.


In order to protect this situation, every measure is taken to avoid site contamination. Naturally, fences limit access to the production site, and all individuals or vehicles that enter the site must pass through a disinfectant dip.